Siesta Exclusive


Our products are complemented with the extensive catalogue of the SIESTA EXCLUSIVE brand,

of which we’ve been the main distributor for over 17 years.  

 The Siesta Brand, founded in 1978, has been a devoted to the plastic injection for over 40 years. For that reason, since 2004 we have been its official distributor in Spain, and we have its wide variety of products in our catalogue. These products complement it and make it more versatile and adaptable to the needs of each of our clients.

Today, Siesta offers an extremely wide range of products for indoors and outdoors, whether of plastic injection or injected rattan, which perfectly complement the assortment of Garbar products.

Creativity and technology, glamour and practicality, quality and innovation.  

These are the qualifiers that define Siesta as a brand. A leading company in the use of plastics in the production and distribution of functional, versatile and highly practical furniture.  

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