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Garbar places are where wou’ll

share the good times

that life offer us.

There’s nowhere than a place where you feel warmly welcomed

With over 60-years’ experience in the furniture sector under the Resol brand, Garbar has now been created. It’s a new line in its own right, aimed at reinventing the furniture sector and converting spaces into something dynamic and all-embracing where you can share your good times.


At Garbar we build collections that can decorate any space, season by season. Because we’re able to transform places and boost their power of attraction.

We’re the brand that can create any room with style. The perfect choice for furnishing your life moment by moment, trend by trend, and always at an affordable price. Because you always have to be up to the minute with the latest trends, because life goes very fast and everything is constantly changing. So during all those changes you go through in life, we’ll be there.

Change isn’t just in purchase...

we’re working towards a sustainable future!


Our extensive experience in injection makes us pioneers in giving plastic a second life, creating a totally ecological product line, and being capable of working with 100% recycled plastic.

Discover Recycled Garbar

That’s how we created the brand


We are well aware that furniture is with you in your good times and the Good times always happen in  good company and Good places.

With Garbar you can decorate your favourite spaces with an explosión of creativity and endless options. Because we can transform places and make them special, to share with your loved ones.


Our is a business for the world of today. We have learnt from the past and we are clear on how we want to work: in a SUSTAINABLE way.

This is why for years Resol has contributed to achieving some of the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS), and now this new Garbar Brand keeps working to continue complying with 5 of the 17 objectives.