High bar tables



High bar tables

High bar tables are one of the most modern solutions to furnish bars and restaurants, endowing these spaces with a friendly, welcoming and at the same time informal, relaxed atmosphere. They provide the experience of a bar whilst enjoying the intimacy of an individual table. In this post, we're going to give you essential tips to choose the ideal bar tables for your business.

How do you choose the perfect high bar tables for your business?

High bar tables are an ideal option for establishments that offer a drink or snack service, such as snack bars or night venues, for example. They are also characteristic of businesses that have an entrance hall for customers where they can have a quick snack while waiting for their table in the main room. In short, the main purpose of high bar tables is to serve customers in a much more informal atmosphere.

Whether or not you accompany the high tables with bar stools or high chairs is optional. Depending on the level of exclusivity of the establishment and the experience you want to give your customers, you can opt for high upholstered bar stools or high bar stools with much more elegant designs. But, as we said before, sometimes high tables have no stools or chairs in order to facilitate the flow of customers around the room.

The choice of materials is also of paramount importance. Whether your bar tables are destined for indoor or outdoor spaces, their strength and durability are key aspects to keep your furniture in good condition for a longer period of time. Some of the most recommended materials for bar tables are Durolight, Phenolic Plywood or Werzalit for their strength, low porosity and high durability. In addition, these materials are easy to maintain and light to move around to place furniture where it is needed.


Designer high bar tables for hospitality

One of the best high bar table solutions for hospitality is the central leg, so that customers do not have the unpleasant sensation of their knees banging into the legs when they sit down. Additionally, this type of solution makes maximum use of the vertical space.

Garbar's high bar tables are the ideal option if you are looking to create an informal but at the same time friendly and modern atmosphere for your customers. One of our most prominent models is our Werzalit 60x60 table with High Tapies Leg. Its minimalist design is an option that prevails thanks to the elegance of its design, ideal to place in bars and restaurants looking for a simple, functional style of dining room furniture.

The Werzalit Ø60 Max High Leg high table, also available in our catalogue, is an alternative that stands out for its circular Werzalit table top in metallic tones. An ideal table to place in reduced spaces both outdoors and indoors as its shape allows you to make maximum use of the space.

For establishments looking to create a natural, welcoming atmosphere, one excellent option is our Durolight Ø60 High Goya Leg Table. Its wood effect circular table top will make any corner the perfect place to take a nice quiet break with a coffee or tea.

Finding the right bar tables to create unique spaces

At Garbar, we have a wide range of high tables for bars and restaurants you can use to design and create unique spaces. We recommend taking a look at our catalogue of bar tables to choose the ideal model for each establishment.

In addition, we offer you the possibility of personalising the tables by combining our table tops and high legs to create the designs that best suit the needs of each business, solutions for both indoors and outdoors.

For example, our High Goya leg and Max High Leg are both excellent options as a central leg for a high table and can be combined with an either square or circular Durolight, Werzalit or Phenolic Plywood table top. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us and we will offer you a solution tailored to your business.