Easy Camping

Easy Camping
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Easy Camping

With our range of easy camping products, you can enjoy absolute comfort on your camping trips.


Breathe in the fresh air, sense the nature under your feet and relax with the birdsong. With the very best camping furniture to ensure you’re never short of anything. Discover our camping furniture and accessories, specially designed to ensure absolute comfort without you having to forego your own style.

Start preparing your next getaway now!


Folding camping tables

Tables are one of the accessories that should never be absent from a getaway in the heart of nature, not only because they’re the focal point of our lunches and dinners, but also because when we go camping a simple table can be used in an infinite number of ways.


Above all, for it to be practical and meet our needs, a good camping table should be hard-wearing and convenient. So not just any model or material will do.


At Garbar, we’ve designed a range of folding camping tables with which you can extend your getaways by as long as you wish. We have different models to enable you to find the solution you need. You can also transport them and conveniently install them into any space. Your camping furniture won’t be an obstacle when it comes to enjoying an excellent meal in contact with nature!


Camping chairs

If you have a table, you’re also going to need some good chairs to allow you to comfortably stretch out your post-dinner chats in the forest during the nights beneath the stars. Choosing a model of chair that’s practical and comfortable will be essential for guaranteeing your best plans.


Forget about the typical seats that you buy and only use once because they’re neither practical nor comfortable and they break as soon as you sit down. At Garbar, we offer a wide range of hard-wearing folding camping stools and chairs made from high-quality materials that take into account the requirements of this kind of furniture.


In addition to being hard-wearing and comfortable, our camping chairs are aesthetic and in complete harmony with the environment so that, even when you go camping, you don’t have to forego your own style and personality.


Camping items

As there are countless things you have to take to a campsite, at Garbar we provide all the accessories you might need to ensure that you enjoy your getaways in the most comfortable and simple way possible. We encourage you to discover all our products and remember that, if you have any queries or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can get in touch with us without any obligation. We’ll be happy to help you!