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Professional area

Here you’ll find the best furniture solutions for your business. Discover our bar, restaurant and office furniture.

Do you want to create or transform the atmosphere of your business? 

We offer functional, hard-wearing and stylish products that will turn your business into a true inspiration for your customers.

Are you looking for bar or restaurant furniture to decorate your new premises? Do you want to renew your office furniture to give your company a more sophisticated touch? Do you need infrastructure for a public area? 

Heirs to a long history in the furniture industry, our wide range of "Contract" certified products offer professionals the variety and quality necessary for this sector.

If you need to design a space from scratch or feel like freshening up your decoration

at Garbar you’ll find everything you need to decorate spaces with personality and style.


Hospitality furniture

Whether it be a bar for Friday evenings, a new designer restaurant or a local café, when customers visit a hospitality venue they want to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. A pleasant atmosphere is a basic ingredient for ensuring a successful occasion.

In this regard, there’s no doubt that the decoration of the space plays a very important role in making the customer experience more enjoyable. Bar and restaurant furniture should therefore be comfortable, hard-wearing and functional as well as beautiful.

At Garbar, we bear all these factors in mind when we design our furniture for the hospitality sector and we work with the very best materials. We encourage you to find out more about our wide range of bar and restaurant furniture for creating ambiances with personality, character and a unique design. We offer you a wide variety of products and solutions to ensure your customers feel at home. 

Hotel furniture

A good hotel should be very much like a house so that the people who stay there feel at home. Above all, the composition of the space and its decoration must be able to create a pleasant atmosphere conducive to relaxation and switching off.

At Garbar, we offer high-quality products that endow any area with character, elegance and freshness. We can also advise you and help you to create the atmosphere that your hotel requires. We design hotel furniture with style, personality and a unique charm.

Office furniture

Any office should be a space that radiates concentration and creativity so that all the people in it feel comfortable and in a good working environment.

With this idea in mind, we make functional office furniture with unique and innovative designs. We offer very diverse products with different colours, lines, shapes and styles so that, regardless of the characteristics of the space it will fill, your furniture will meet your business’s requirements.