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Catering Garbar

Catering Garbar is our line of catering and hospitality accessories and furniture. Find everything you need and create an atmosphere in keeping with the style of each event.


Owing to our experience in the sector, we can bring you a wide range of furniture items and accessories to enable you to adapt your service to the premises and the customers’ needs. We also guarantee the durability and comfort of all our products.


Catering furniture

At Garbar, we’re experts in catering furniture and we can offer a wide selection of products. We strive to offer you the very best solutions without foregoing the style and personality that characterise us.


We design our catering line taking into account factors such as functionality, usability and practicality, without neglecting the need for the furniture to be in perfect harmony with any event. This is why we create products that turn heads and also prove comfortable for the people who use them.


Thanks to Garbar, you’ll make your event shine with its own light and make your guests feel very much at home!


Practical and functional solutions

All our products are also designed to withstand heavy loads and constant use, either outdoors or indoors. At Garbar, you’ll find the ideal balance between durability and lightness. We also offer practical storage and transport.

We work with the finest materials to guarantee hard-wearing, versatile and high-quality catering furniture. Our years of experience in the sector and the satisfaction of our customers are our guarantees.


Chairs and tables for events

At Garbar, you can also find a wide array of chairs and tables for all kinds of events. Our diversity of styles, shapes and finishes will allow you to create the atmosphere you require anywhere. On our page you can find fixed solutions and chairs and tables designed to be stacked, placed in cases or folded, depending on the needs of each event.


As experts, we know that catering tables and chairs have to be functional as well as beautiful. They can thus rise to the occasion and adapt to the characteristics of any event. All our products therefore provide the ideal balance between design and usefulness.


High-quality furniture with a long useful life

When it comes to buying chairs and tables for events, another factor to be borne in mind is durability. All our products are hard-wearing because they’ve been manufactured with the very best materials, taking into account the constant use to be made of them. Similarly, we design our catering furniture in a practical manner that makes it easy to clean.


Catering accessories

In addition to furniture, at Garbar we offer all kinds of accessories for professional uses to complement your events. You’ll find everything you need to provide a fast, profitable and high-quality service.

Finally, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or if you have any queries, please contact us without any obligation. We’ll be delighted to help you to find the right materials for your events!