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Garbar Recycled is our range of products made from 100% post-consumption recycled plastic. Enter the era of recycling without foregoing quality or style!

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We believe in Green Thinking

At Garbar, we’re well aware that our brand must be sustainable or it won’t survive! This project was created in today’s world, but we’ve learnt from the past and we know how we want to continue growing in the future.

This is why we’re presenting our Garbar Recycled ECO product line, whose main purpose is to contribute to caring for our planet and minimising our ecological footprint.

100% recycled and 100% recyclable furniture

It’s more than evident that if we want to preserve the world, as we know it today, it’s essential to start making changes in our forms of production and consumption. It’s up to everyone to act responsibly; it’s in our hands and change is truly possible.

At Garbar, we believe that recycling isn’t just an action, it’s also an attitude and a way of understanding life. We therefore design our products in the most sustainable way for the environment. Each day we strive to make our processes more efficient and all the plastic products we manufacture are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

Post-consumption recycled plastic furniture

To make our furniture we work using post-consumption recycled plastic. This material enables us to operate in a much more sustainable manner and, in turn, continue to ensure the durability and robustness provided by all our products.  

It could be said that recycling forms part of our DNA. We therefore not only make our processes more efficient. During the manufacturing process, we also collect and manage all the excess plastic, whether it be from defective parts, burrs or castings, and reuse it.

Hard-wearing and functional products

When it comes to making recycled and recyclable furniture, one of the factors that most concerns us is its durability. We want the items you buy to last and accompany you for as long as possible. Durability is undoubtedly a feature that should be inherent in any product and we fully understand this at Garbar.

We work with the very best materials in order to ensure the highest quality and offer full guarantees on all our products. We also strive to achieve the perfect balance between durability and design, thus creating beautiful and functional products.  We want our furniture to accompany you throughout your life. By doing so, we’ll also be guaranteeing environment-friendly production production.

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We work to achieve infinite life cycles.

We work with the very best materials in order to ensure the highest quality and offer full guarantees on all our products.

Our objective:

Optimize sustainable resources


Enter the era of recycled furniture!

Natural products with a minimal ecological footprint ceased to be a simple trend and became a way of understanding the world some time ago.  More and more people are transferring their sustainable lifestyle to the way they decorate their spaces. So recycled material furniture isn’t just an alternative, it’s an essential option if we want to conserve life on our planet. 

At Garbar, we know we want to form part of the change. What about you? Will you join us?

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