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Garbar parasols
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Garbar parasols

Garbar parasols are the best partner for combating the summer heat without foregoing style. Have you taken a look at our unique designs yet? You’ll be amazed by their finishes, lines, colours and materials.


Whatever the kind of parasol you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Garbar. Do you want a product that can cover a large area? Garden parasols and eccentric parasols will be your best options. Conversely, if you’re looking for a solution for a smaller setting, you’ll love our terrace parasols and beach parasols.


Designer parasols

The parasol is a fundamental element of outdoor decoration. In addition to being essential for enjoying a terrace or summer garden, it will provide you with endless ways of giving your space the “vibe” you’re looking for. Mediterranean style, chill-out, slowly...

At Garbar, you’ll find the ideal parasol around which you can build a unique and stylish area. We have different models, shapes and colours to enable you to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Hard-wearing and stain-resistant fabrics

At Garbar, we work with the finest materials to ensure the maximum durability of our products. Parasols are a kind of furniture that sometimes stand outdoors and they have to withstand inclement weather. We therefore work with solid structures and hard-wearing, stain-resistant and UVA-inhibiting fabrics.

Our aim is to provide you with a parasol under which you and your loved ones can feel comfortable and protected from the sun without foregoing comfort and style.


A wide range of models and shapes

We also have solutions in different sizes and shapes. We offer round, square, rectangular and eccentric parasols so that you can find the model that’s best-suited to your space. We also have different finishes such as metal or wood so that the aesthetics are in perfect harmony with the setting.

Another important factor when choosing a parasol is comfort. Our models can be easily assembled and dismantled in such a way that you can move them around as you wish and put them away when you stop using them. 


The foot or base of the parasol is included

Most of our products also include the foot or base of the parasol so that once you’ve purchased it you just have to worry about enjoying it! Remember that when you purchase a parasol it’s important for it to be securely held. To ensure the above, the diameter and weight of the two elements must be in perfect harmony.


Parasols for terraces and gardens

Given the variety of models, colours, shapes and sizes, Garbar’s parasols are ideal for any space, be it a terrace or garden. Most of us love the sunshine in summer and we spend many hours getting to know each other like prawns, but we always end up succumbing to the shade to counter the heat. A parasol is therefore an indispensable element in any outdoor space.

Are you looking for a parasol for your terrace or garden? When you’re choosing the ideal one for you, we recommend taking into account its structure and all the above factors. Do you need any more advice? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!