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Garbar tables

Garbar tables are a must for settings with panache!


The atmosphere that’s created around tables is a perfect image of life itself, which is why we love them! The long post-lunch chats on Sunday, the family dinner around the dining table, the super-quick breakfast at the kitchen table on Monday, the weekend aperitif on the terrace table and the pizza on the side table on Fridays... tables lie at the heart of our most intimate moments.

So, if tables can be found at the centre of almost all our spaces, they can’t be absent from an atmosphere with style!


Designer tables with lots of style

The table is usually one of the most visible and prominent elements in any room and we experience some of the most important moments of our lives around it. It’s therefore essential to choose a model that really suits you in terms of its design and usability. A good table should shine with its own light and be the focus of everyone’s gazes.

At Garbar, we have a wide range of designer tables with which you can decorate your rooms with style and lots of character. Garbar’s tables will allow you to create a pleasant and relaxing setting in which everyone feels at ease.


Functional and hard-wearing

Tables also constitute the focal point around which relatives, friends and colleagues gather. Therefore, in addition to captivating us with its appearance, a good table should be functional and hard-wearing and of high quality.

At Garbar, we work with the finest materials to manufacture high-quality products that will last over time. We’ll make every effort to ensure that our tables accompany you throughout your life, because we know that the most important moments usually happen around a table. 


Different materials and shapes

At Garbar, we work with different materials and shapes to ensure a wide array of options suited to all tastes and any kind of environment. Whatever the style you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Garbar: We have Nordic tables, vintage and retro tables, industrial-style tables, classical tables and so on... 


Dining tables

Given its size, the table constitutes the central component of the decoration of a dining room and the other elements are arranged around it. Therefore, because it will accompany us throughout our lives, choosing a dining table is an important decision that’s worth thinking about carefully. A good table is synonymous with durability, comfort and functionality.

When we opt for a dining table, we sometimes don’t take into account its eternal companions. Dining chairs, together with the table, are present in a large part of our daily lives. So when it comes to decorating the dining room, the two elements should be in complete harmony.

If you’ve already chosen your table for the dining room, we advise you to take a look at our section on chairs to complement your purchase.