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Garbar chairs

In Garbar chairs you’ll feel... very, very comfortable! In addition to creating unique designer pieces, our goal is to achieve the highest quality, luxury and comfort.


Have you taken a look our products? You’ll fall in love with our wide array of dining chairs with which you can create rooms full of magic and personality. Our folding chairs will adapt to any space to enable you to make your guest list as long as you wish. Have you seen our desk chairs and office chairs? They’ll turn anywhere into a place that radiates concentration and creativity. And our garden chairs will ensure those wonderful summer nights never come to an end...

Whatever chair you’re looking for, at Garbar you’ll find the solution that’s best-suited to your room and style. 


Designer chairs with lots of style

A chair is much more than a piece of furniture to sit on, it’s a basic element of the decoration. The model of the chair you choose will set the style of your room and help you to create the required atmosphere. A good choice is therefore essential. Feel free to contact us without any obligation if you have any queries or if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Our team of experts will be able to advise you in your search for the ideal chair.

At Garbar, we offer a wide range of options to enable you to find the model that best suits your style without, of course, foregoing comfort, quality and responsibility, values ​​inherent in all our products.


Functional and hard-wearing

We firmly believe that a chair, in addition to being beautiful, should be functional, practical and hard-wearing. Otherwise, it won’t be able to fulfil the purpose it was actually created for. This is why all our chairs are made of hard-wearing materials of the highest quality, thus guaranteeing them a long useful life. 

We’ll make every effort to ensure that our chairs accompany you throughout your life and, above all, during the most important moments. You’ll feel so comfortable in a Garbar chair that you’ll wish that those good moments never end.


Different materials and shapes

Our chairs have been designed using different materials, textures, shapes, lines and colours to ensure that, regardless of the atmosphere you wish to create, you’ll find exactly what you need to decorate your home with great panache. Our great diversity of products includes:


  • Chairs with armrests

  • Chairs without armrests

  • Upholstered chairs

  • Rattan chairs

  • Plastic chairs

  • Metal chairs

  • Leather chairs

  • Wooden chairs

  • … and much, much more!


If you can imagine it, you’ll find it at Garbar! We suggest you take a look at all our products in search of the ideal chair.


Dining chairs

If you’re looking for chairs to decorate your dining room, you should remember that these elements are the eternal companions of a beautiful table. The two elements together constitute the centre of a million moments. The chairs must therefore be in complete harmony with the table they’ll accompany. If you’re thinking of revamping this room, we recommend that you take a look at our Garbar Tables section.