The long-lasting plastic chairs



The long-lasting plastic chairs

Since the mid-20th century, a quiet revolution has been taking place in homes and public spaces around the globe, marked by the presence of an object as common as revolutionary: the plastic chair. This shift reflects advances in design and technology and a transformation in how we live and perceive the everyday.

The Palma chair by Garbar, drawing inspiration from the iconic Monobloc chair of the 1970s, alongside the rest of the brand's catalog, celebrates this evolution, encapsulating decades of innovation, functionality and accessible aesthetics.

Evolution of the plastic chair

The history of the plastic chair is a tale of experimentation and adventure, started by visionary designers and manufacturers who saw in new plastics a chance to push the boundaries of furniture creation. The 1950s laid the groundwork for this revolution, with advancements in style and shape in furniture design and interior decoration, driven by new industrial techniques that positioned plastic as a protagonist in manufacturing.

The rise of plastic

The arrival of the 1960s and 1970s brought the era of pop plastic, a time of boldness and "beauty for all," where pop culture blended with desires for modular, bright living spaces, outdoor areas and democracy. In this context, the plastic chair became a symbol of the era, representing accessibility and functionality in its purest expression.


Innovation and sustainability at Garbar

Today, at Garbar, we continue this tradition, focusing on sustainability by opting for recycled materials to produce many models, such as Wind, Ona, and Julieta. This initiative reflects a commitment to more circular and environmentally friendly practices, proving that innovation can go hand in hand with ecological responsibility. By eliminating the superfluous and focusing on the essential, Garbar achieves an iconic form that pays homage to our legacy and points toward the future of sustainable design.

Modern life demands solutions that meet our aesthetic needs and can withstand everyday wear and tear. Plastic chairs' popularity for outdoor and indoor spaces evidences their perfect blend of functionality, style and affordability.

Durability: Plastic chairs designed for gardens and patios are made to withstand the test of time without sacrificing style. Their popularity stems from their exceptional resistance to rain, sun and other adverse elements, ensuring long-lasting durability. Their ability to resist fading, stains and daily wear makes them ideal for outdoor environments.

Minimal maintenance: Another highlight of outdoor plastic chairs is their minimal maintenance requirement. Unlike other furniture options, they don't need special care or regular treatments, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space more instead of spending time maintaining it. This combination of durability and easy care makes plastic chairs an intelligent investment for those who value convenience and practicality.

Ergonomics and comfort: A fundamental aspect of our chair design is ergonomics, ensuring that each model is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. We strive to create chairs that conform to the human body shape, providing support and reducing muscle strain during prolonged periods of use. This attention to detail ensures that our chairs are suitable for both intensive use in contract or hospitality spaces and for relaxing at home.

Ecological awareness: Our catalog stands out for the comfort and durability of its plastic chairs and its commitment to sustainability. By choosing our chairs for your garden or patio, you make a conscious decision that values both aesthetics and environmental impact. These chairs represent an ecological solution that harmonizes modern design with environmental responsibility, demonstrating that enjoying the best of both worlds is possible.


Thus, a plastic chair is not just a design object; it's a testament to how vision and innovation can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and the everyday into the iconic. In a world that continues to value functionality without compromising aesthetics or the environment, our selection of plastic chairs proves that it's possible to strike a balance between all these elements, setting the pace of modern life with each design.