Maximise small, outdoor spaces with polypropylene chairs



Maximise small, outdoor spaces with polypropylene chairs

In the world of restaurants and hospitality, every nook and cranny counts, even the smallest outdoor spaces. Limited space shouldn't be an obstacle to creating a welcoming, relaxing environment. In this article, we're going to offer you some ideas and solutions to make the most of small, outdoor spaces with Garbar's polypropylene chairs.

conjunto de sillas de polipropileno

How to make the most of small spaces?

In small, outdoor spaces, every square metre counts. Therefore, the choice of the elements to place there is crucial. Whether it's a small garden, a rooftop terrace or a balcony, there's always a way to make the most of any space.

To avoid small outdoor spaces feeling overcrowded, it's essential to select furniture that offers comfort without saturating the environment with voluminous designs. In this respect, our Garbar contract furniture solutions are ideal to maximise outdoor spaces. Our polypropylene chairs stand out thanks to their minimalistic, functional, practical design, which makes them the perfect choice to furnish small, outdoor spaces and bring out their charm. They are also ideal to complement our designer tables and are stackable models, making it easy to store them when necessary.

In our catalogue you'll find a wide range of polypropylene chairs that are ideal to furnish small, outdoor spaces and add the personality each one needs.

Our Delta Recycled chair is an excellent option for patios and terraces with character and personality. Its completely original design gives any environment a modern, cutting-edge look, and it is the perfect choice for bars, restaurants and cafés that want to create an inspiring, contemporary atmosphere in their establishments.

With its functional design that doesn't go unnoticed, our Fresh chair with arms is the ideal alternative for charming gardens and patios. Designed to meet service needs, this piece of furniture for outdoors is essential to make the most of small, outdoor spaces and offer the customer excellent comfort without any drawbacks.

For businesses that are looking for a much more practical, versatile option, our Sam chair is the solution they need. Principally consisting of a painted steel structure and polypropylene back and seat, these chairs are perfect to put away and set out whenever they are needed. Additionally, their small dimensions mean they take up a minimal amount of space in any location.

Our Wind Recycled chair with arms is an excellent option to create charming nooks and crannies, making the most of the available space. It stands out for its great versatility and easy combination with other furniture elements which make it an excellent alternative to create relaxed, harmonious environments. Available in different colours, this chair adapts to the preferences of each establishment.

Designer furniture for small spaces

At Garbar, we offer furniture solutions specifically designed to make the most of outdoor spaces. We are specialists in the manufacturing and distribution of furniture for hospitality and restaurants that meets the needs of each business. Our products stand out for their quality and their highly competitive prices.

If you need personalised advice for your project, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to accompany you from the initial idea to the choice of products and their subsequent installation. At Garbar, we create exceptional spaces in small, outdoor spots. Discover how we can help you transform your outdoor spaces into true hospitality havens!