Outdoor chairs for hospitality



Outdoor chairs for hospitality

The Spring and Summer seasons are the period par excellence to enjoy a refreshment on the terraces of bars, restaurants and hotels. So if you're planning on getting the terrace, garden or patio of your business ready for this season, today's post contains tips to choose the best outdoor chairs for hospitality

How do I choose the best outdoor chair for hospitality?

Choosing outdoor chairs for a business is not an easy task. You have to take a series of factors and characteristics into account to not only offer the client the best service but also ensure that the chosen model is perfectly adapted to the needs of the space. 

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Here are some things to consider before choosing outdoor chairs for hospitality:

  • You have to take the type of space into account. You need to choose the type of material the chairs should be made of depending on whether or not the space has a roof, as they will be exposed to sun and rain to different extents. It's important to take this into account, as it allows you to enjoy them for much longer with the same characteristics as the first day. For example, our Edge aluminium chair with arms is an excellent option to furnish bar and restaurant terraces without a roof, given that aluminium is a material that is very resistant to harsh weather. 
  • The design of your outdoors chair for hospitality should be chosen taking into account the type of business, as furnishing the terrace of a bar is not the same as furnishing a garden for events. The spirit and personality of each business must also be reflected in its chairs. If you want your terrace, garden or patio to have an elegant, classic look, our Aurea chair with arms is an excellent option thanks to its design in textilene and the aluminium of its bamboo effect structure.
  • Another important factor to consider is the type of decoration of the business. If the space is already decorated and you are just changing the chairs, these must follow the same aesthetic line of the business to achieve a consistent, unified look. In this case, our Ona chair with arms is an excellent option thanks to its minimalist design with fine, rounded lines and fits in well in a multitude of spaces.
  • When choosing the best outdoor chairs for hospitality, it's important to know which materials are the most appropriate. Depending on this, they will have a specific type of design and finish, the weight will be different and their resistance to harsh weather and maintenance will also change. That's why the best materials for outdoor chairs are: stainless steel, polypropylene, resin or rattan and iron. Our Wind chair with arms model is an excellent option for outdoor use as it is made entirely of polypropylene, a very resistant, long-lasting, flexible, easily-maintained and light material.
  • The style of chair considered also depends on the available space. That's why the design and its structure and finishes are important when it comes to choosing. In this respect, our Elba chair has a minimalist, subtle design that fits in perfectly wherever it is placed, always offering the convenience and comfort any quality chair should guarantee.

Hospitality chairs for outdoors

At Garbar you'll find the outdoors hospitality chairs you're looking for to furnish your business. We have an extensive catalogue of chairs for indoor and outdoor use, designs with armrests, stackable, foldable, light, hard-wearing, resistant chairs. Don't hesitate to take a look at our catalogue and find the model that best suits your business.

You can also contact us so we can design a solution tailored to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.