Outdoor furniture for hospitality



Outdoor furniture for hospitality

At Garbar, we understand that outdoor furniture for hospitality is key to create a welcoming, attractive environment for customers. That's why we offer exceptional designer contract furniture solutions that will transform your outdoor space into a true oasis of comfort and style.


Furniture design for outdoors hospitality

Our team of designers goes to great lengths to take elegance and functionality to the next level. Each piece of outdoor furniture for hospitality that we create is a contemporary design work of art. From restaurant terraces to luxury hotel pool areas, our furniture is designed to impress and withstand the harshest conditions.

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Both to deck out the elegant terrace of a restaurant with furniture that invites diners to enjoy the fresh air or to create rest areas in a luxury hotel that captivate your guests, our furniture is designed to go above and beyond. Paying special attention to ergonomics and comfort, we guarantee that every piece of our furniture is not only a pleasure to behold but also a pleasure to use.

Additionally, we understand that outdoor furniture for hospitality must face certain challenges. From constant exposure to the elements to intensive daily use, our designs are backed by exceptional durability. We use top quality materials that are resistant to corrosion, UV rays and harsh weather so your investment survives the test of time.


Hard-wearing outdoor tables and chairs for hospitality

At Garbar, we are proud to present our exceptional collection of outdoor tables and chairs designed specifically for hospitality. We know that durability and aesthetics are essential in outdoor furniture for your business and that's why we offer a wide range of styles and sizes to satisfy even the most specific needs. Some of our products are detailed below.

Our 160X90 Noa Solid Table is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its modern design includes a tabletop and legs made of injected polypropylene, which guarantees strength and durability. The legs are reinforced with fibreglass and have UV protection, ensuring that this table remains impeccable, even in conditions of intense sun. It is a model that undeniably combines design and functionality.

The Zurich Table is stackable and versatile, ideal for indoor and outdoor environments. Its screwable steel legs and injected polypropylene tabletop with UV protection make it a resistant, elegant choice. The steel legs are coated with oven-cured polyester spray paint to guarantee their durability. It is perfect to add a touch of elegance to any terrace or garden.

The Brava Table is an oval injected polypropylene table that offers a unique look and has inlaid feed. It also includes a 38mm hole for a parasol to add shade to your terrace. It is a model that is easy to move and position according to the service needs. A very practical and versatile alternative.

The Danna Chair with arms is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is an injected PP model, is stackable to facilitate storage and has a layer of UV protection. In addition to being a very light piece, it is an elegant, resistant choice for any type of establishment.

The Ona Chair is another versatile, hard-wearing option for hospitality. Its seat and structure are made of injected polypropylene, with protection against UV rays. It is a stackable model that is ideal to economise on space, in addition to being easy to move and store.

If you're looking for a sustainable option, our Wind Recycled chair is a fantastic choice. Made from recycled, recyclable polypropylene, this chair is environmentally-friendly without compromising on quality and enjoys all the advantages of a piece made from new plastic.

Maximum comfort outdoors

At Garbar, we offer more than just table and chair solutions for hospitality. We also have an exceptional range of loungers and parasols designed to offer maximum comfort and style for your business.

The Foldable Sand Lounger is a stackable model that offers comfort and practicality. It is made principally from aluminium spray-coated white with white textilene. Its four reclining positions allow guests to find the perfect angle to relax. Thanks to the lightness of its structure, it is a convenient option for any terrace or pool.

The Shio Lounger is the pinnacle of design and functionality. Made from aluminium spray-painted white and with white textilene, its elegant look is complimented by an ultratech wood embellishment. Equipped with rubber-lined aluminium wheels, it is easy to move to wherever you need it. It also offers five reclining positions for personalised comfort. This lounger is a declaration of luxury and style in any environment.

The Comfort Lounger is a high quality option that combines elegance and comfort. Made from aluminium spray-painted dark grey with light grey textilene, it offers a sophisticated look. This stackable lounger has 6 reclining positions. It also has a resistant, hard-wearing design, ideal for demanding outdoor spaces.

As regards guaranteeing customers' shade and comfort, our 3x3m l1 parasol has a double pulley to facilitate its opening and closing. Its single piece aluminium mast guarantees stability. It has aluminium spokes and polyester fabric that provides cool, resistant shade.

The ø2.75m MD1 Parasol has a double pulley and a removable painted wood mast. With a sunshade comprising 8 wooden rods and polyester fabric, it is a charming option to provide shade on bar and café terraces.


Outdoor furniture solutions for hospitality

At Garbar, you won't only find exceptional furniture but also comprehensive solutions. We work with you hand in hand to personalise your outdoor spaces according to the vision and needs of your business. Whether you need a minimalist-style terrace, an elegant outdoor bar or a relaxed environment next to a pool, we have the experience and creativity to make it a reality. Don't hesitate to take a look at our catalogue to find the pieces that best suit your business.