Stackable chairs: the perfect solution for outdoor spaces



Stackable chairs: the perfect solution for outdoor spaces

As specialists in the manufacturing of furniture for the restaurant and hospitality sectors, we take many factors into account to offer our clients a quality service. In today's article, we're going to cover the importance of stackable chairs in outdoor spaces.


The importance of having stackable chairs for outdoors

Stackable chairs are a very sought-after option in the restaurant and hospitality sectors due to their numerous uses and advantages. They are the perfect solution to furnish the gardens, terraces and rooftop terraces of all types of establishment. Unlike conventional chairs, they are much more practical and functional to offer flexible, quality service in any business.


The advantages of stackable polypropylene chairs

Garbar's stackable polypropylene chairs are an excellent option for distinguished restaurants and hotels. Some of the most noteworthy features of our stackable chairs are:

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  • Lightness: They are designs that tend to be light, as they need to be moved and stored with ease. For example, our Elba chair is a design that is characterised by its modest, functional structure that offers all the comfort you would expect in a quality chair. Additionally, its design, primarily linear, makes it a model that is easily combined with other elements.
  • Low maintenance: They are low maintenance thanks to the properties of their components. Garbar chairs are principally manufactured from high quality polypropylene, a low porosity material that doesn't accumulate dirt or biological agents. That's why they also tend to be very durable models that withstand heavy use and the passage of time.
  • Variety: We have a wide range of designs, colours and shapes that are easily combined to personalise any terrace or garden with charm and distinction. For example, our Delta chair with arms is a model that is characterised by its geometric design that brings great personality wherever it is placed, in addition to being a model that is available in a wide range of colours.
  • Easy storage: Our chairs are easy to store and set out wherever they are needed. Our Wind chair is the perfect choice to place outdoors thanks to its minimalist, functional design, making it a piece that is easy to set out and store away.
  • Comfort: Garbar's stackable chairs offer the same comfort as conventional chairs. Our chairs are designed to meet clients' needs and adapt to the conditions and work pace of each business.

These and many other advantages are what motivate hotel and restaurant owners to choose our highly convenient solutions to offer their customers good service and allow their teams to enjoy quality, practical material to meet any needs that may come up during the working day.

Completing your chair arrangement with stackable tables, such as our Noa and Monaco tables, creates the perfect duo to furnish the spaces of any business. The perfect combination to store and set out whenever needed.


Batch of designer stackable chairs

If you're looking for a batch of designer stackable chairs, at Garbar we can offer you the value-adding, quality solution you're looking for for your business. We offer our clients a select catalogue of products that are perfect to cover all their needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact our advisory team so we can offer you a solution tailored to your needs. We will be happy to assist you from the start right through to the end of your project.

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