Folding camping furniture



Folding camping furniture

With the arrival of the good weather, many camping-based businesses are getting ready for the season to offer their guests a quality service. In this post, we'll be talking about the multiple advantages offered by folding camping furniture so that guests can enjoy their stay to the maximum in any outdoors summer space. 

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Camping furniture

Many businesses specialising in offering camping experiences in the countryside or on the beach accompany the renting of plots and bungalows with other supplementary services, such as access to the pool, a restaurant service, sports courts and games and rest areas, for example.

For this reason, camping furniture plays a fundamental role in being able to meet the needs of all customers and offer them the best experience and comfort outdoors during the Spring and Summer months.

Garbar has a select range of folding camping furniture, pieces designed to be practical and functional, as well as long-lasting, without losing their designer qualities. We recommend taking a look at our Easy Camping collection to find the pieces to offer the best camping services this season.


Essential camping furniture to holiday 

Some of the must-have folding camping furniture for any beach or countryside getaway is as follows: 

Folding tables for camping

Garbar's camping tables are an excellent option to be able to carry out various activities, such as for example, eating, cooking, reading, arts and crafts, etc. We have folding tables for camping in different sizes, ideal to adapt to the needs of each space and use. Our Easy Table 75 is an excellent alternative, thanks to its reduced size and how practical its folding system is to open it and put it away whenever you need to. 

If you want a table with a larger surface area to seat a lot more guests there's our Easy Table 180. It's the ideal option to prepare a brunch, lunch or dinner outdoors with a nice table cloth and comfortable chairs to enjoy the outdoors as if you were in your own home. 

Chairs, stools and folding benches 

Folding camping chairs are also essential for any countryside getaway. The Klaus folding chairs by Garbar are an excellent option to use on seaside and countryside campsites thanks to the composition of their materials which make them very resistant to outdoor use and adverse weather conditions. In addition to their functional, minimalist design, which makes them very practical and aesthetically-pleasing at the same time. 

Another alternative to chairs is stools and folding benches. Our Easy Stool stools, available in our catalogue, are a much lighter, more compact seating option as they don't have a backrest. For its part, our Easy Sit bench allows several people to sit comfortably by a table, in addition to being a very practical alternative for group camping. A couple of benches, next to a table, will turn nature into a very pleasant dining room to enjoy in good company.

Folding camping lounger

To add much more comfort and quality to your stay in the outdoors, you can also complement our folding camping furniture with loungers. It's an excellent seating alternative, as well as an essential in any camping area with a pool. We would like to highlight our Sand Folding Lounger, principally designed in fabric, a material that is very pleasant to the touch, in addition to offering warmth and comfort for peaceful sunbathing. This model is comfortable and practical to carry around thanks to its light materials. 

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