Redecorate your lounge terrace to set you apart from your competitors



Redecorate your lounge terrace to set you apart from your competitors

The most distinguished bars, hotels and restaurants have begun to integrate the lounge terrace concept into their outdoor spaces. An area that is characterised by the composition and distribution of its furniture that create a relaxed atmosphere. This trend has clearly become very prominent in recent years.

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What is a lounge terrace?

A lounge terrace is an area where sophistication meets elegance, creating an ideal space to enjoy an appetiser or a drink in a relaxed atmosphere. It is usually located in the loft of a building, allowing you to enjoy the pleasant views of a city. It can also be integrated into coastal or mountain areas, allowing customers to take in the view below. Be that as it may, it is an excellent alternative to take advantage of outdoor spaces and offer customers the best service along with outstanding views.

How to furnish a lounge terrace

The main feature of a lounge terrace is its functional and elegant furniture that offers superb comfort and convenience. Each piece of furniture evokes relaxation and enjoyment allowing visitors to disconnect.

Sun loungers are one of the elements that are a must in a lounge terrace. Garbar offers a wide variety of options including the Comfort sun lounger, which we recommend. Its finish, based on fine lines, merges into a totally timeless and elegant design. It becomes a perfect piece for sunbathing on summer days.

The minimalist and modern design of our Sand sun lounger, on the other hand, is also an excellent alternative to add a necessary dash of distinction to a lounge terrace. Elegance and sophistication go hand in hand in its authentic and unique design.

Another element that is a must when redesigning a lounge terrace is a parasol, one of the most important accessories for furnishing outdoor areas and offering a space to shelter from the sun and heat. Garbar has a wide variety of design pieces ideal for creating the perfect lounge terrace. One example is our MD1 ø2.75 m parasol, with a chic design inspired by Asian umbrellas, which adds an exotic touch to the décor, while offering pleasant soft and subtle shade on the sunniest days. Alternatively, parasols with a side support are available, such as our LA2 ø3.5 m parasol designed to accompany lounge sofas next to side tables.

We also have contract-style tables and chairs designed to take full advantage of any type of space and give customers a sense of comfort that goes beyond its design. One of our most outstanding combinations for lounge terraces is the Noa Solid 90x90 table along with the Ona chair, pieces designed to solve any needs that may arise in a business and breathe life back to those spaces that may have become obsolete over time.


Designer furniture for lounge terrace

Garbar offers contract style furniture designed to redesign a lounge terrace that sets you apart from your competitors. All our pieces have been designed to serve a purpose, meet the needs of each location and reinforce the connection between space and people.