Sustainable furniture for outdoor spaces



Sustainable furniture for outdoor spaces

In a world that is becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainability and the protection of the environment, Garbar stands out as a leader of the sustainable furniture manufacturing sector. Our commitment to ecology and innovation has given rise to the creation of a line of products that combines design, comfort and environmental awareness. Our chairs and tables made of 100% recycled, recyclable polypropylene are a noteworthy example of our focus on a greener and more responsible future.

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Sustainable furniture: the most eco-friendly option

Polypropylene is a highly versatile material that is widely used in the contract furniture manufacturing industry. However, its traditional production generates a large amount of waste and has a significant impact on the environment. At Garbar we have found an ingenious solution by turning this problem into an opportunity for sustainability. Using cutting-edge technology, we collect and transform waste plastic from our furniture manufacturing processes using new plastic and transform it into top quality materials, perfect for the manufacturing of hard-wearing, ecological furniture, resulting in our Garbar Recycled line.


Recycled, recyclable polypropylene in ecological chairs and tables

At Garbar, we have a wide range of designs and solutions the goal of which is to facilitate the choice of the pieces that best suit the style and needs of each environment. Additionally, the durability of the recycled polypropylene ensures that the furniture is able to withstand harsh weather, from the sun's rays to rain and temperature fluctuations, without deteriorating or losing its original colour. That's why they're the ideal option for outdoors.

Amongst our exclusive selection of sustainable furniture, you'll find our Delta Recycled Chair, a monobloc chair ideal for both indoors and outdoors and which is made from 100% recycled, recyclable polypropylene. It's stackable, hard-wearing and has UV protection, guaranteeing its durability. It is also a versatile, comfortable option. Our Play Recycled Chair design is also perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This stackable chair stands out thanks to its lightness. Its recycled, recyclable polypropylene together with UV protection make it ideal to withstand any environment in comfort and style. At the same time, our Ona chair with Arms is a classic that has been reinvented for outdoor environments. This chair has a polypropylene injection moulded structure and seat, held in place by zinc-plated screws. Its UV protection and stackable design make it a practical, stylish choice for outdoors.

Amongst our selection of tables made from sustainable materials, we would highlight our Julieta Recycled table, a monobloc piece for indoor and outdoor use, made from recycled, recyclable polypropylene. Stackable and with UV protection, it's a practical, aesthetic solution for any space designed for little ones, together with our Jan Recycled chair.

For adults, our Olot table is the perfect option if you're looking for a hard-wearing, ecological rectangular table. Made from recycled, recyclable polypropylene, its net weight of 7.5kg guarantees stability and durability. If you need a solution that can hold a parasol, our Tossa Recycled table stands out thanks to its inlaid feet and 38mm hole for a parasol. Made from recycled, recyclable material, it combines functionality and respect for the environment.

The Baku and Monaco Recycled Set is the perfect set for outdoors. It comprises two Baku chairs and a Monaco auxiliary table, all made from recycled, recyclable material. With UV protection and a stackable design, it is the ideal choice to enjoy the fresh air in style and make the most of the space.

At Garbar, we are not only concerned with producing sustainable furniture; we also make every effort to optimise our resources and guarantee maximum quality in each product. More and more businesses are joining the Green Thinking movement and with Garbar Recycled, yours can also be part of the change towards a more responsible, committed future.

Solutions based on sustainable furniture for outdoors

Garbar's sustainable furniture represents an innovative solution for a cleaner, healthier world. Our commitment to sustainability, comfort and design is reflected in every piece we produce, inviting people to enjoy the fresh air with peace of mind, knowing that they are making a positive contribution to the future of the planet.

We can help you bring your hospitality and hotel furniture projects to life, contributing to taking care of the environment. Contact us and we'll offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

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