We’ve reached the era of recycled furniture!



We’ve reached the era of recycled furniture!

Have you ever thought about buying recycled furniture? At a time like the present, we need major changes to enable us to go on living as we have until now. You should therefore consider that recycled material furniture isn’t just an alternative, it’s an essential option if we want to conserve life on our planet.

Green Thinking

It’s vital to care for our environment in every respect if we want to continue living in contact with nature, loving, enjoying our time with our loved ones and savouring the simple pleasures of life. We’re responsible as individuals but also as a society, which, of course, includes companies.

At Garbar, we’re well aware that our brand must be sustainable or it won’t survive! Garbar was created in today’s world, but we’ve learnt from the past and we know how we want to continue growing in the future. This is why we’re currently focusing a large part of our efforts on our ECO line.

All the plastic products we manufacture are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. They’re therefore designed in a sustainable way for the environment. Besides, each day we continue to work on the development of new solutions allowing us to achieve the very best results for the environment. Please note: We also closely monitor the developments and breakthroughs that occur in this area so that we can guarantee the best technologies and the most effective practices in our manufacturing processes.

At this point in the post you’re sure to be wondering: “It sounds great in theory, but how do they put it into practice?” Below we explain how our products are manufactured with green thinking in mind.

How do we make furniture from recycled material?

Did you know that 79% of the plastic we generate builds up in landfills or natural environments? At Garbar, we strive to minimise the above figures, which is why we work with post-consumption recycled plastic. This material enables us to operate in a much more sustainable manner and, at the same time, continue to ensure the durability and robustness provided by all our products.

Recycling isn’t just an action, it’s also an attitude. It could be said that recycling forms part of Garbar’s DNA. We therefore not only make our processes more efficient but, during the manufacturing process, we also collect and manage all the excess plastic, whether it be from defective parts, burrs or castings, and reuse it.

The process isn’t easy and requires an effort, but what would we be without the planet as we know it? Isn’t survival the most important factor?

Furniture that will accompany you throughout your life 

Another aspect to be taken into account when discussing recycled furniture is its durability. Do you think products made with 100% recyclable and 100% recycled material don’t last as long? Quite the contrary! At Garbar, we work with the finest materials and ensure the highest quality and a long useful life for them. Thus, we can also guarantee environment-friendly production. 

Furniture with recycled materials and its own style

Finally, if you think furniture made from recycled materials isn’t compatible with style, we must tell you that you’re very, very wrong. We design our furniture made from recycled material with the panache, charm and personality that characterises us. Just take a look at our Play Eco chair model and see for yourself! Designed by David Carrasco, its unique lines and colours have stolen but also divided our hearts, because we love all our products and we don’t know which ones to choose! What about you?

If you haven’t already done so, check out the Garbar Recycled section to find out more about our full range of products and enter the era of recycled furniture.