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Garbar sets
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Garbar sets

Garbar’s sets have been created to shine and endow any setting with personality.


Our furniture sets will enable you to adorn specific parts of your home or office, choosing from a wide range of styles and combining several pieces, depending on the layout that you prefer. Terraces, gardens, hallways, lounges... any area has endless possibilities, so decorate it with lots of panache!


Designer furniture sets

Furniture sets or ensembles constitute a central element of the decoration of indoor and outdoor areas. They’re therefore an ideal way of quickly and comfortably decorating any space.

At Garbar, we design our sets with the elegance, style and personality that characterise us. All our products shine with their own light, in such a way that they don’t need any further embellishments.

We offer you sets made with a wide array of materials and finishes so that they can be naturally incorporated into any space or style: Colourful or more classical solutions, chill-outs with personality, outdoor areas in Mediterranean, oriental and urban styles... At Garbar, you’ll find the set of your dreams. We offer:


  • Resin sets

  • Rattan sets

  • Aluminium sets


Most of our structures also have different textile elements that allow us to endow our sets with colour and elegance. The above guarantees the absolute luxury, robustness and functionality of our products.

Most of our ensembles can be purchased as sets or separately so that you can put several pieces together, depending on the area and its usage requirements. Garbar sets are easy to assemble and dismantle.


Garden and terrace sets

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture sets, you’ll find exactly what you need at Garbar. We offer hard-wearing and high-quality sets.

We make our furniture using first-rate materials, thus guaranteeing maximum durability. All our products have UV protection to ensure that the colours don’t fade over time.


Sets for hallways and living rooms

At Garbar, you can also find sets that are ideal for hallways and living rooms. These kinds of solutions will allow you to rapidly decorate a new space or freshen up the appearance of your home or office.

Whether they be for gardens, terraces, hallways or living rooms, furniture sets are ideal ways of providing a space with simple decoration. If you want to create your own set, we also suggest that you take a look at the section on Garbar chairs, sofas and tables. You’ll find different elements enabling you to create a totally personalised set that’s suited to your needs.

Do you need any advice? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team of designers and experts will be happy to help you in your search for the ideal set.