How to protect outdoor furniture in winter



How to protect outdoor furniture in winter

The temperature changes and adverse atmospheric conditions we tend to get during the months of winter can take their toll on outdoor furniture. That's why, in this article, we want to share a few tips on how to protect your outdoor furniture during winter.

Tips to protect outdoor furniture

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According to its characteristics and the materials it is made from, outdoor furniture may suffer temperature changes and harsh weather to a greater or lesser degree during winter. In any case, in order to keep it in good condition and be able to enjoy it for much longer, it is fundamental to prepare the furniture for winter.

Below, we are going to share some recommendations for each type of outdoor furniture.

  • Wooden outdoor furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is one of the most delicate and which requires the most care to avoid it deteriorating in winter. Wood is a material that requires maintenance and hydration due to its organic composition. That's why we recommend coating each piece in a waterproof varnish during the winter months to protect the wood against the typical damp of this time of year. It is also advisable to avoid furniture being in contact with damp surfaces like earth or grass in winter. That's why the best thing to do is to put it away until the next summer season to keep it in good condition.

An alternative to wooden outdoor furniture is furniture made from other materials but with some sort of wood finish. For example, our Durolight table, the leg and base of which are made of steel and the tabletop of which is made from Durolight, a low porosity, durable material available in a wide range of finishes. Additionally, it is a much cheaper and more resistant alternative to furnish outdoor spaces with furniture with a wood finish.

  • Stainless steel outdoor furniture

Unlike wooden outdoor furniture, stainless steel furniture does not require so much care. Stainless steel is a material that is highly resistant to rusting, temperature changes and harsh weather. That's why it's one of the materials that is most used in hotels and restaurants, also for its lightness and versatility. In winter, outdoor furniture made from this material does not suffer much damage and the necessary maintenance consists of just keeping it clean. We also recommend periodically spraying it with anti-rust products to create a protective film between the metal and external agents with the goal of avoiding over-exposing the pieces to damp and keeping them in good condition for longer.

In our catalogue, you'll find our Ø70 Inox Max Foot Table which, together with our Edge Chair with Arms, make the perfect combination to enjoy a shiny anodised aluminium set that can withstand the harsh weather during the coldest months.


How to protect plastic furniture in winter

  • Synthetic fibre outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture made from synthetic fibres also requires little maintenance over time. Its preparation for the winter months may vary depending on whether or not it includes accessories, like cushions, for example. If it has accessories that are not waterproof, these must be stored during the winter months so they don't get damp. For the rest of the structure, maintenance during winter consists first and foremost of cleaning it with a cloth to remove any traces of damp and organic material.

  • Plastic and resin outdoor furniture

As with outdoor furniture made from synthetic fibres, plastic and resin outdoor furniture also doesn't require excessive care to withstand the winter months. It generally consists of waterproof pieces that just require periodic cleaning to keep them in good condition for normal use. Thanks to the fact that it requires little maintenance, plastic and resin outdoor furniture is the most popular to furnish the terraces and gardens of bars, restaurants, cafés and hotels.

At Garbar, we offer a wide selection of excellent quality plastic outdoor furniture to create combinations that are suited to the environment and needs of each project. Our Olot table is one of our most prominent designs, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use with an impeccable, timeless design to combine with chairs with personality, like our Play chair. It is the perfect piece to give any environment in which it is placed a touch of personality and style.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that if outdoor furniture isn't used in winter, the best thing is to store it or cover it with a protective sheet until the next season.


Quality plastic outdoor furniture

We have a wide range of outdoor furniture, perfect to continue enjoying terraces and gardens during the winter. Our designs, made principally from quality polypropylene and synthetic resin, offer an infinite number of possible combinations to create the most pleasant environments perfectly equipped to enjoy the fresh air. Additionally, a wide selection of our furniture has a protective layer to protect it from the UV rays, ideal to withstand the extreme weather of any time of year.

Additionally, if you would like to know more about our outdoor furniture for hospitality, don't hesitate to take a look at our previous post.